Gestalt Therapy, or Modern Tale for Everyone

Dedicated to that day when once in our life we were all bad person for someone. 

We all have secrets. They imprison us within our guiltiness. And the fear to see them revealed paralyze our sense of common. We think they are so old and awful, so no one will forgive or understand us. It takes years finding the courage to face them and be over it. But the truth is some stories should stay in the past untouched. The only thing you can do – live with what you did and treat it as a life lesson. This is what about my friend’s tale “Gestalt Therapy”. And I am happy she trusted me to do illustrations for it.

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Hello World

Hello World!

Hi, folks!

So if you enrolled yourself into this page it means you are really interested in my soul kitchen. And I am absolutely excited about it!

Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Armenuhi Yeganyan. I am from Moscow – the capital of famous politicians and long freezing winters. I am young (in my 20-sh) and recently graduated university majoring in Journalism. But I don’t like typical Journalism. Therefore, me and my friends in far-far-far 2011 started our own project – bloggers community with free speech and different views on life.

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