Gestalt Therapy, or Modern Tale for Everyone

Dedicated to that day when once in our life we were all bad person for someone. 

We all have secrets. They imprison us within our guiltiness. And the fear to see them revealed paralyze our sense of common. We think they are so old and awful, so no one will forgive or understand us. It takes years finding the courage to face them and be over it. But the truth is some stories should stay in the past untouched. The only thing you can do – live with what you did and treat it as a life lesson. This is what about my friend’s tale “Gestalt Therapy”. And I am happy she trusted me to do illustrations for it.

We all have unaccomplished stories from the past. Broken relationships, unspoken grudges, moments of shame, words said in anguish, illogical fears or casual inexperience. We all went through this. We all should go through it. And every day we are going through it. At least once to simply value what we have and what we can do with it. To be kicked out from our comfortable zone directly to the reality and self-building point. But sometimes excerpt of our past means – don’t liberate it.

My friend Katya Mayorova wrote a modern tale “Gelstat Therapy” about a guy, who has a big painful secret. To find a relief he wants to go back to his past and see what happened to a girl he used to love, but left many years ago. His good intention turns to be a drama for that woman. They meet each other like strangers, their paths are different and silence is the only sound in their renewed relationships. There is nothing the character can improve. In the stories he gets in – he is only a spectator. Being aware of own powerlessness, he sees only one option – leave everything the way it is. It’s indescribably hard, shameful to run away again from that woman, to recognize yourself as a complete asshole.

We mostly accept our physical imperfection, but barely stand our spiritual poverty. What is the story’s moral? Pay the price for your mistakes, try to be better, but remember if it’s your duty to be an evil guy for someone, you can’t do anything with it. Just keep calm and carry on.


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