Painting Yerevan, the Capital of Armenia

This project is my first attempt in painting murals. And I, absolutely not a professional, was honored to be chosen by Yerevan City Hall to test my simple sketches on big walls. How did it happen?

About year ago I decided to move to Armenia as a volunteer. I haven’t been living there, my motherland, for 21 years. So I thought, it’s a great idea to live and be involved in community service. You know to feel and be useful. With the help, Birthright Armenia organization I found my first volunteering place. Since my background is in Journalism I was sent to ImYerevan journal. There I was doing familiar to me the job – writing articles, occupying nice red sofa and drinking surj (coffee).

But the idea of doing the same things I am used to doing back home didn’t sympathize me. So I changed the environment and become a Journalism teacher at Manana youth educational cultural center, which more correlated to my concept of volunteering.

After a while, I run into my editor-in-chief Gayane at HAYP pop up gallery. We had a cozy chat about Yerevan, future plans, love, and art. I showed her some of my works and at my surprise she offered me to join the social project of the upgrading entrances of some building around the city.

Well, work for the government? For free? With my own sketches? SURE! I’m in! But I warned her that I don’t have any experience in painting mural. It didn’t have any impact on her, so I thought – it’s better to take advantage of such a great opportunity. Yerevan is a really generous city for people, who are seeking for something new to try or immediately do.

That’s how I got the perfect job, unfortunately part-time. I painted two murals. And one is my own sketch. Isn’t a dream of many artists? So, the theme for my mural was sea world of the fish. Associations are simple: the city is a big sea, we are the fish, different colors, sizes, patterns, but at the end of the day we all can swim

The Second mural was another designer’s sketch. It was a clear idea – to paint old and new city to show how technologies change the look of the city.

I also did another sketch – a girl with Yerevan map in her hair, as a symbol of the city’s young soul, friendliness, and surprise. You never know what will happen to you in Yerevan – rush and intense city.

But, but, but I didn’t have a chance to embody into a life it. So I just keep it in my folder. Maybe I’ll have a chance to fit it somewhere around Yerevan.

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