Hello World

Hello World!

Hi, folks!

So if you enrolled yourself into this page it means you are really interested in my soul kitchen. And I am absolutely excited about it!

Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Armenuhi Yeganyan. I am from Moscow – the capital of famous politicians and long freezing winters. I am young (in my 20-sh) and recently graduated university majoring in Journalism. But I don’t like typical Journalism. Therefore, me and my friends in far-far-far 2011 started our own project – bloggers community with free speech and different views on life.

I was ambitious about politics and participated in many strikes happened in Moscow a few years ago. But one little thing changed my life. I can’t say dramatically, but it had a huge impact on my future interests.

Once I was gifted nice notebook. And I thought, “I would be pathetic if I screw it up with some stupid notes. Maybe I should make sketches?” That’s how I became a big fan of pencils and black and white sketches.

I am not a professional illustrator. I don’t have any degree in art (one year of school art when I was 6 is not counted!) But I am passionate about sketching, trying new materials, colors, working for hours and even painting murals. And to my surprise – some people even like it!

So I decided with my friends help to occupy (hahaha) new territory – The Internet. This website is a daring and new step in my life. It’s a way to put new goals and standards for myself.

And I hope you will enjoy it with me (in the name of Karma)!

A little note to navigate you at my website.
In the section “Illustrations”, you can find my last works.
In the section “Blog”, you can find my reflections on life stories, news, hopes, dreams, and ideas.

Much love,

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